When Godly People Do Ungodly Things Week 4

It’s the fourth week of When Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore, and we spent time this week looking at they types of seduction used for evil. Our discussion examined relational seductions and how the enemy breaks or creates unhealthy ties. Beth gave a wonderful example of always keeping the cross between ourselves and anyone we engage with. Use the cross as a boundary for relationships; it is an extension and reflection of God’s heart. When the relationship does not align with the cross…FLEE… in Jesus name.

In our lesson, Beth writes “we have been sent into this world. To disconnect would be in direct disobedience of that purpose.” I lived out this week’s lesson as I confronted a Christian leader about a decision he was making. I am not mentioning his name so I will not fall into gossip, though he did mention me on his blog. He made a public statement that he intended to disconnect with his followers on Twitter because 1) they lowered his Klout score and 2) he was getting too much junk in his mail box and missing valuable relationships. My intent was to confront him in love, so I posted a comment suggesting he pray before making the decision to “mass unfollow” people he had connected with. He was disconnecting from Christians and it touched my heart. I gave him an example of how God uses me in social media: often I say something that touches the heart of another believer and they tell me those words or that scripture verse ministered to them. By “cutting out” a following of Believers, this leader was cutting out the opportunity for God to use him this way. It was taken out of context when I suggested he look at this from God’s view: what would happen if Jesus unfollowed his flock and then told us to earn our way back in? The leader lashed at me and said I was elevating Twitter to the status of Jesus, and I offended him. My words were mis-read and he missed my heart. Soon a group of other Christian leaders joined him and started mocking anyone who disagreed with their decision to mass-unfollow Christians.

I walked away from the confrontation and let it go, until a week later when a friend said she was inclined to follow his lead. She said many Christians were now “mass unfollowing” one another just like this leader did,  in order to have more quality relationships and better Klout scores. My heart jumped into the conversation again, as I saw the Christian leader was driving the flock to disconnect and again I confronted him. He was (and still is) getting a lot of attention for his actions. I asked for prayer from others before confronting him again, confided in close friends, and went where God led my heart. I explained to this leader that mass unfollowing is not based on scripture and again encouraged him to pray before encouraging Christians to disconnect.  I saw the enemy working in this situation, convincing leaders that fewer followers would make for better quality. Twice last week I was approached by my followers telling me they were giving up on God and walking away from Him. In each case, I was able to engage with her and redirect her back to Jesus. Often people send me prayer requests and say they have no Christian friends and do not know where to turn. God placed me in a position to do this and if I had “mass unfollowed” people to raise my Klout score or make my life more convenient, I would have been serving myself and not Him. My heart is with Jesus and I would never mass unfollow people He leads my way. “In terms of ministry, people are everything to us because they are everything to Christ,” writes Beth. It breaks my heart when Christian leaders encourage the flock to separate.

While I do not like conflict in relational situations, I have a deeper need to be led by Christ. I would not have peace in my heart if I ignored the discernment He placed on my heart. Would I want to look back at a mass unfollowing by Christians and say “I did nothing and I was in agreement to break up the flock” or do I want to look back and say “I listened to Christ and followed His heart?” Discernment showed me Christ would never encourage mass unfollowing for the sake of higher Klout scores or convenience, because this is pride. “If we are not motivated by the Spirit through love, God is not the one calling us to get involved,” writes Beth. I pray God will continue to place people before me so I can love on them, pray with them and lead them to Christ.

By the way…my discernment and confrontation happened prior to reading this week’s bible study. 🙂 The study conformed what I had already experienced.

Prayer Requests

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Beth Moore Quotes

  • Disconnection is not an option for followers of Christ.
  • Christ didn’t give his life for church doctrine. He gave His life for people.
  • Neither spirituality nor being deeply spiritual about Christian things equals godliness.
  • The world is going to get increasingly wicked, yet we’ve been sent smack into the middle of it.
  • Those who isolate themselves from the involvement of the body of Christ will be at great risk for potential disaster.
  • Discernment sees trouble, senses a warning, and cites the need for caution.
  • We can’t practice godly discernment if we don’t walk in the Spirit.
  • Believers have never needed one another more than they will in the latter days.

For Next Week

Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

  1. What evidence do you see of hearts growing cold in this world? (page 80 )
  2. What happens when Christ stands between relationships? (page 93 )
  3. Have you ever been in a situation such as mine, where your discernment sees trouble and you feel the need to speak up, even if it leads to conflict? (page 97 )
  4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.

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  • Carin says:

    I am still here!

    1.What evidence do you see of hearts growing cold in this world?
    Jealousy, Anger, Frustration and immediate gratification. I am bothered by a few people that are Christians either in my church or people from my past that are not fighting for their marriages. The word “cold” and “harden” heart was a term that a past Christian friend of mine used on how her marriage made her feel. She didn’t fight for her marriage. She waited until she could break away to get immediate gratification and move in with a boyfriend in another state.

    2.What happens when Christ stands between relationships?
    Several things~ it could bond them or maybe God is asking you to give some distance because what they are doing is unhealthy, against the law or something along those lines (which could possible drag me into it).

    3.Have you ever been in a situation such as mine, where your discernment sees trouble and you feel the need to speak up, even if it leads to conflict?
    I have seen some things but never spoke up. I admire what you did…

    4.Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    Not a favorite but confirmation of something I am avidly working on. I work in a ungodly workplace. And day three gave me confirmation of something I am trying and prayfully trying to “flee” from. GOSSIP…..Gossip is just as unclean as an affair. And I have to remember to “think” before speaking. If is not uplifting or it is something that is not to be repeated I need to stop!

  • Pam, Louisiana says:

    I am running behind with my busy work schedule.

    What evidence do you see of hearts growing cold in this world? (page 80 ) People saying that church is not for them and that they don’t want any part of being a follower of GOD. That is so sad!

    What happens when Christ stands between relationships? (page 93 ) In relationships that have Christ, you are more apt to apologize when you do something wrong, make things work, help your fellow brother/sister, try to let Jesus shine through you for others to see, be an encourager.

  • Debbie says:

    Sweet Sunday Morning to you all~I have lesson four finished and just now getting time to post…LOVE this time of day before the sun rises…the quiet…the stillness~~~

    Another powerful week of study. I had read the book version When Godly People Do Ungodly Things last year. I beg of anyone who doubts that spiritual warfare is real…..PLEASE believe that spiritual warfare is as real as Christ being born of a virgin, died on the cross for our sins and was raised again on the third day…..BELIEVE!

    Favorite part of this week’s study…getting the true picture of what it looks like when we get entangled in bad relationships…and then the beuatiful picture of the cross and Jesus between oureach of our relationships….can you picture the cross between your relationship with that friend, co-worker, acquaintance???? If you have any doubt or your heart is whispering, “No, Christ and the cross are not between me and ……..”~~~~~run, flee, guard your heart !! The recovery from NOT fleeing……one of the darkest and painful times of my life…..PLEASE BELIEVE!! Love in Christ~~debbie

  • Leslie Henderson says:

    1.What evidence do you see of hearts growing cold in this world? (page 80 )
    It seems like people are more self absorbed, even the people who are doing good. There is also a more general trend toward back stabbing and personal gain…one example is the housing crisis, etc.

    2.What happens when Christ stands between relationships? (page 93 )
    The cross separates the two people, yet they are united by the cross/Jesus.

    4.Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    Definitely the analogy with the cross.

  • Allison says:

    1. What evidence do you see of hearts growing cold in this world? (page 80 )

    We have racial, political, & religious divides; families are in crisis; divorce is on the rise; drugs and alcohol abuse is rampant; there is unrest in our country about its current leadership; our armed forces risk their lives to defend our freedom and there are people who actually have the nerve to protest their burial services; our exposure from movies, television, the internet, and the music we listen to is taking a turn for the outrageous. Is there any doubt about the status of our hearts in these very troubling times?

    2. What happens when Christ stands between relationships? (page 93 )

    In Christ-centered relationships, we should expect that God will work through our relationships. Our relationships are part of the way God works in Christians. We are connected through God’s Spirit. God works through our praying for one another. This is both the privilege and responsibility of being God’s people together. Therefore, we should put the Bible first; and put Christ at the center of our relationships.

    3. Have you ever been in a situation such as mine, where your discernment sees trouble and you feel the need to speak up, even if it leads to conflict? (page 97 )

    We all have a genuine desire to feel acceptance, safety and love. We want to feel honest connections with the people we surround ourselves with. When we feel those inherent needs are hreatened, we have 2 choices; we either keep silent or speak up. Those that speak up are the ones who sometimes take the heat, but the results can have an affect on countless others. Christine, you like Beth are a prayer warrior. You know your scripture and you follow your heart and you walk in the Spirit. Trust your godly discernment. We need more people like you to be our voice. Even though we may not completely understand what you are going through. know that we are praying for you. God Bless you.

    4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.

    Page 86: “Satan can’t make us unclean. He will at least do everything he can to make us feel unclean. He knows that our unclean feelings can eventually cause us to act unclean.” Page 85: “All God wants us to do is admit our need and welcome Him thoroughly.” I pray I am not practicing “selective application” by “partaking of a steady diet of sermons and Bible studies” causing some places to remain unprotected. “Let the Word of God sanctify me through and through!”

  • Judee Baysinger says:

    Evidence of hearts growing cold… the number of homeless people on the streets, the amount of people who have lost their homes due to computers running everything, your past payment records and relationships you had with bankers and creditors used to count for something but not anymore. If you are behind, no matter what the reason, you are out on your ear. People seeking solace through drugs and not each other. Just to name a few. I have had to speak up on several occasions and it never seems to work out well for me, but thats not why I spoke up in the first place. Sometimes the truth hurts but it needs to be told.

  • roxann says:

    what evidence do I see hearts growing cold? I think it’s all over in our society. I know a few christians who are wonderful people, but are making their own way to Christ, by adjusting to their lifestyle. Does that make sense. I hope I’m saying this right. We know it’s the enemy at work. Advertisements, movies, are just a few that’s having a hand in changing peoples hearts. Remember the good old days when families sat arouond the table and prayed and ate together. That is fizzing out. Or how about Sunday’s was for visiting families and friends with coffee and good old coffee cake. The enemy has made everyone’s life so busy, to busy to stop and smell the roses. I couple years ago, I decided that wasn’t going to be me. So many people blame cancer, sickness and diseases on God, when they haven’t even read the Bible or gone to church to know who our savior really is. I could go on.. But, I think most understand

    What happens when Christ stands between relationships? I look at it two ways. First let say it’s a relationshop that’s taking you away from Him. Maybe he’s helping you see what that relationship is doing to your soul. He IS a loving father and is there when we ask and He is needed. Or maybe a relationship that needs encourgement because it’s good for a new Christian. He will open doors and help you grow with others.

    • roxann says:

      I guess I mean with relationships, God is there. He will help build up relationships when needed. He is our encourgement our cheerleader. He will draw the line when needed.. 🙂

      When I reread what I said it sounded confusing.Sorry… 🙂

  • Sue Alice says:

    I posted yesterday and it has not shown up, so I will say maybe Satan did not like what I posted. So will try this again and hopes Satan says out of my sandbox.

    1. Tv, books, computer, extramartial affairs, divorce, people leaving the church to seek other thiings, killings and families fighting.

    2. They are stronger, and God given, He knows what is right for us and what we should stay away from.

    3. Yes, I am going through this now and have no idea how to handle it, it has caused major conflict in my life. Sorry I am not at this time free to talk about, but at the time I can I will, if it is okay with Christine.

  • Christina Burgess says:

    Just to share: In keeping seduced proofed.
    Wanting God and wanting to smoke too ! God knows the urge I face, and I know the voice in my head is Satan. Today I had myself convinced, how good I was being; smoke free ! However, the voice in my head I battle with, said, “you have been so good, what’s it going to hurt”. I had it all planned out, I ‘d stop and grab a pack while getting gas, my atm card accepted at the pump, gasp,That rarely happens, I always end up going inside, oh well that blows going in where the smokes are ! Ahhh I’ll get a car wash,I get the idea how nice it will be for my husband (I’m using his car today), pumping over, printing receipt, it prompts “Do you want a car wash”, I’m like,” really” !!! I sit in the car wash, and decide, this car could use a vacume, at last, I have to go into the market to get quarters, I’m just sure I don’t have enough, it has too be about $2.00, and I only have $1.50, Whew, I’m really getting excited now,quick vacume, then into the market I go. Would’nt you know it, it was only $1.00 to vacume ! Gasp again, and even pulling out on the street heading away from the market, that talk was wait , get what you want, there’s still time before heading home, I laughed, saw the situation for what it really was:” Satan.” A bumper sticker caught my eye: It said “God s Girl”

    • Christine says:

      I’m sure the bumper sticker was no accident! 🙂 When I see someone driving a car and smoking a cigarette, God has placed it in my heart to pray for her. My children are now doing this as well. The cigarette itself is a flaming arrow from Satan- it destroys lungs and our ability to breathe fresh air. Cancer may be preventable by not smoking these flaming arrows, yet many people are tempted to take a chance and risk their lives. So I pray when I see someone smoking and I pray for the Spirit to speak into her soul, reveal to her the dangers of smoking and place peace into her heart instead of a cigarette into her lips. The urge to smoke is a calling to pray. Seek Him with all your heart, soul and mind (Deut 6:5) and leave the cigarettes in the packaging, unwrapped weapons of the enemy. Seek peace (Psalm 34) and not smoke. God is bigger than any cigarette you place upon your lips. Seek Him for peace and your obedience will be rewarded, your life will be blessed. Praying for you! Get the nicotine out of your bloodstream and replace it with the life of Jesus. You are a Daughter of the King! Honor your body.

      Each of you should learn to control your own body[ in a way that is holy and honorable. 1 Thess 4:4 NIV

      Learn to appreciate and give dignity to your body, not abusing it, as is so common among those who know nothing of God. 1 Thess 4:4-5 Message

    • Caroll says:

      The words of a past proffessor come to mind when I took a psychology class and the topic was addictions of all sorts: food, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, tv, smoking…etc. He said “the most important thing is if you fall off the bus, to recognize it asap and get back on (the bus) and it doesnt’ help to beat yourself up over it with guilt”. You have made the first biggest step of recognizing this is not good for you and want to stop. Kudos for that HUGE step! Your moving forward.

      I hope you find your full support group and remove yourself from all triggers including routine places and people that do this so you will not be tempted. I am really praying for you on this.

      Your not alone…remember the assignment where we drew stick figures with a cross between us? After facing some really challenging days I felt paralyzed with mental and physical exhaustion. Mentally I invisioned a huge cross behind me and when I did, this really gave me the strength to keep going forward and not allow me to stumble into anger and depression. Afterwards I have moments now where I feel like I am encircled by crosses as they help me guard my wall that our workbook describes. Possibly mentally seeing this in your weak moments will help give you strength as it does me.

      Sincerely keep fighting. You are in God’s light and you are stronger than any human addiction. I send you strength for your battle. Caroll

  • Gina says:

    I am enjoying this study. This is a new concept to me, if I am being totally honest. So it has taken me time to learn to see how satan is simmering below the surface as well as in obvious places. I saw glimpses of it but now I am really seeing it full fledged in my church right now.
    I really do not want to put anything more about the details of what I see going on at my church, but it is frightening to me. And very sad.
    “If we are not motivated by the Spirit through love, God is not the one calling us to get involved,” Beth Moore…these words speak truth to me.
    When I can find the words to better share myself I will. But right now I enjoy reading the comments and gaining insight from you all. Thank you so much!

    • Christine says:

      Gina, this was my first bible study and I never knew spiritual warfare existed. Not many churches teach about it so we are often in the dark. I really recommend the book “The Invisible War” by Chip Ingram, it showed me how the enemy weaves himself into our lives and we never even know we’re being attacked.

  • Amanda says:

    1. Evidence of hearts growing cold is all around. Immorality is everywhere we look. Christians are scoffed at as being closed minded. It seems like every television show now has a gay couple, adultery, promiscuity, etc. People are totally desensitized to sin because its so commonly coming at us from every angle and it makes it not seem *so* bad, or someone else has done *way* worse than we have, and frankly sometimes looks fun!

    2. When Christ is in the center, we can’t put ourselves first. We can lean on Him to not be tempted into “tangled” relationships and to help us be the best friend, spouse, etc. that we can be.

    4. We attend church, but this has made me want to get more involved in my church and start solid, Christian relationships. I have some already, but I just really feel the need for more now. So I would classify that as my favorite part. 🙂

    I appreciate this group and all the wonderful ladies in it!

    • Christine says:

      You can’t watch family television and not see the “end times” are near. We need to insulate (not isolate) our children and remind them to stand with the truth of scripture in their hearts.

  • Laura says:

    1.What evidence do you see of hearts growing cold in this world? (page 80 ) It seems to me we are increasingly desensitized towards sin as we have tolerance thrown up for all the world to see in every imaginable arena – especially the media including televisions in our homes. At the same time, we seem to be increasingly isolated by technology which tends to shut others out. I have noticed that as a society we seem to be more tolerant about what God’s Word says is wrong. We are much more self -focused and self-centered, more likely to be sheltered in our own little worlds instead of reaching out to the lost and hurting.
    2.What happens when Christ stands between relationships? (page 93 ) I have a protective barrier that serves to separate and help me crucify all harmful flesh in any relationship, and the cross stands as a symbol of purity and holiness. The cross draws my eyes and hearts to Jesus.
    3.Have you ever been in a situation such as mine, where your discernment sees trouble and you feel the need to speak up, even if it leads to conflict? (page 97 ) Yes, I have. I first have prayed for the person and asked the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom and discernment before going to the person. At times I have gone to the person and been honest about what I was discerning, which sometimes leads the person to get angry. I am not one to relish conflict and at other times, this has led me to stop short of confronting the person but just standing in prayer interceding.
    4.Share a favorite moment from this week’s study. Page 85 Beth wrote about deliberately asking God to get into every part of my business. She writes, “I wasn’t actively asking God to change the entire way I think, feel and perceive. I wasn’t depending on Him to dramatically and increasingly transform me from glory unto glory.” I am asking God to have His way and sanctify me through and through!

  • Rhonda says:

    What evidence do you see of hearts growing cold in this world? (page 80 )
    A friend and I were talking just last week about how many of the things we are seeing are discussed in the Bible as signs of the end times. Everyday in the newspapers I read about how a parent is killing their child, a brother is killing a brother and on and on and on. We see where neighbors don’t care about each other, we have leaders who don’t seem to have the public’s best interest at heart.

    What happens when Christ stands between relationships? (page 93 )
    I think that this was when you can have the truest form of love and friendship, when we can give and receive unconditional love. If Christ is in the relationship you can be loved for who you are not what someone else can get out of you.

    Have you ever been in a situation such as mine, where your discernment sees trouble and you feel the need to speak up, even if it leads to conflict? (page 97 )
    Forturnately, I cannot recall such an instance, but I have been involved in a time when a church basically fell apart because the pastor was insisting on doing things that most of the church did not feel like wee Biblical and suited his personal desires more than the church’s.

    Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    I have always believed that accountability is mssing from so many relationships today. In my work I see where people can be cast aside like they are replaceable and I think that we all remembered we are accountable to each other and to God, we would all live lives that are more loving and caring.

  • Debi S. says:

    Wow! What a great week this was. I learned so much and was especially impacted by the audio portion of this week’s lesson.

    1. I see hearts growing cold all around me in the amount of broken marriages that I am surrounded by. I am so heartbroken by the love that has grown cold between godly men and women in my family, my church and my social circle. Satan is working overtime in this area and it is awful. I pray for restoration and reconciliation in so many of these relationships. It can’t come through anything but the love and power of Christ.

    2. When Christ stands between relationships there is a freedom that I have to not engage in destructive or harmful behavior. As He becomes the glue or connecting point between myself and another person he also becomes the filter by which I can pass information, love, support and energy to that person. I don’t have to worry about becoming entangled because he is the healthy barrier between us and the link of true fellowship. It is very liberating to have Christ in the center of our relationship.

    3. Discernment and feeling the need to speak up is a huge challenge in my life. I consistently feel the need to speak up for what I think is right. But I have to temper my thoughts and comments, to pick my battles and to speak in love. This is challenging and often brings confrontation that I do not like. Sometimes I don’t speak up and it is also detrimental because I am being called to be a voice for truth and insight. This will always be a challenge for me and I am growing and learning how to do it well every day.

    4. My favorite moment of this week’s study was the audio portion of the lesson. I learned so much about fellowship and love. About not loving blindly and about making good deposits. It was very encouraging to me and challenging too. I feel invigorated for the week to work hard on my relationships and to love deliberately.

  • Julie says:

    What evidence do you see of hearts growing cold in this world?
    I see fear in the world today: fear of differences, fear of loss of jobs, fear of authority.. People including myself allow fear to hold them back from relationships. Discernment should be used but fear should not be driving my behavior, allowing the Holy Spirit to fill my life and my relationships will ensure that I do have relationships based on the cross.

    What happens when Christ stands between relationships?
    Christ will protect me and ensure healthy relationships if I allow God to be part of every relationship through his Word. Using God given boundaries to avoid unhealthy dependency on another, to not allow others to become a false Christ and to not allow attachment of myself to unbelievers.

    Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.
    I loved the 5th day on transparency, see-through lives. I recently started a small group with women that I felt God was calling me to fellowship. This has been fun, exciting and I love that they do know everything about me and that I feel that I can share with them and they in return care and watch over me. I pray that God will stir in each of those women the desire to live transparent with our small group so that we can care and watch over each of them and provide them the place where they can share it all. I loved that she summed it all up that discernment (the ability to see through the masks) and accountability (inviting others to see through us) both help us see our faith through with integrity!

  • Donna says:

    What happens when Christ stands between relationships?
    We are able to discern what is best and love with a full heart. We also stand protected against attack from those who would seek to hurt us or whose actions might unintentionally hurt us.
    I like what Beth says about learning to love with a smart heart and the concept that in any level of fellowship with others we are giving and receiving deposits. A smart heart helps us continue to give and receieve good deposits and will seek to eliminate those that are bad or meaningless.
    These concepts helped me in my relationships this week. I was more loving and less sensitive to hurts.

  • Caroll says:

    1.What evidence do you see of hearts growing cold in this world? (page 80 )
    I was suprised when I started writing how long my list was, as if literally I had to stop myself. In a day when churches used to tower high and be seen, they are now hidden from view from so many buildings. Is this a reflection of where priorities have gone? It’s saddening. I know so many people who love to rap on over things they have as if this impresses me???? no. I see some of my close friends work so diligentlyt o “keep up with the Jone’s” so much so they are miles high in huge debt. Tonight my husband had the tv on and violence, drama, extramarrital affairs were played out and my thoughts were how easily it is for young minds to turn on a tv and be consumed by this and become very desensitized. I’ve been temporarily displaced from my home as construction continues and with this my husband took me to an outdoor mall to get some fresh air and have lunch…the mall was packed as if it were Chirstmas. We fought to find a place to park on the very most outter edges of the perimenter while church on sunday was so many empty seatings. I feel that media has bombarded us with so much information that people live overstimulated and often feel out of control as I have been witness to so many friends spend hours of their day on fb or what is totally unnerving is a while back I realized that several of my girlfriends could not get through a meal without having several conversations texting on their phones. We cannot sit and eat for 1/2 hr without 1-2 phones going off during the full course of a short meal……

    2.What happens when Christ stands between relationships? (page 93 )
    I find life is full, calm, balanced and with purpose.

    3.Have you ever been in a situation such as mine, where your discernment sees trouble and you feel the need to speak up, even if it leads to conflict? (page 97 )
    First of all Go Christine! Amazing story and true display of leadership for us to follow!
    I have been in many situations where I can say I fully spoke out as witness to a truth that for whatever reasons wanted to be ignored and have run into great conflicts. I would share but not even sure where to start on this though what I can say is that God helped me see past the times great anguish was brought before me and good prevailed in most cases and in others I was able to still have peace with those situations, even in the midst of conflict.

    4.Share a favorite moment from this week’s study. Many moments:
    Page 82…Hiding ourselves in Christ. and in the last 2 lines of Part 2: “Anywhere He sends us, He is prepared to protect us. We just have to keep ourselves in him through santification”. How great this feels to have Christ as my safehaven! This tells me how important it is to pray without ceasing and stay with God thoughout my day everyday.
    Pg. 88: FLEE! This word alone makes me know that if there is even an inkling of doubt: FLEE without hesitation,,,FLEE! and I fully feel that instruction of confiding in a trusted friend REALLY puts issues in the open and can be prevention and help regain our path.
    Pg. 93: Drawing this cross was so significant for me….lots of “ah-ha” moments. I see that having that cross between me and others is critical for a valuable connection to others. In this I also found on trying days there was a cross behind me as I have recently been bombarded in my own space at home without warning with loss of privacy for days and I found that mentally seeing that cross behind me really helped me put my feet on the floor and in the midst of frustation find a proper attitude to continue forward. I have felt so exhausted, that having that cross behind me as well as beside me helped me watch my walls from all angles. I read in the introduction to this study where someone said they see crosses everywhere….I am starting to see crosses everywhere too.
    Pg. 94 answering the question of do we have someone who refuses to respect clean lines: This was hard for me because my brother came to mind as his life has been drama filled which has really affected my parents so negatively. I feel that I cannot breath around him. I cannot say anything, nor can any of my family without getting our heads snapped off. I pray for him and find distance is critical though I fully feel he needs us in his life yet he is so judgmental and draining to our souls. I am struggling with what is best to do for him and this relationship as I love him though he feel so toxic.
    Chapter 5: I love now knowing how critical it is to assemble as believers. Prior, I felt I could be away from church and others and do this on my own….not anymore, NEVER! I need you all. I need your direction, love, prayers, participation as reading your writings have been insightful, helpful and give direction as well as make me see that I’m not isolated to feelings or experiences which are trials and you all are such guiding lights of inspirations. May God Bless and have a great week!

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