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By November 13, 2011James

We’re beginning our online womens bible study of Beth Moore’s new book James Mercy Triumphs. So far, we have about 275 women registered for this online bible study. If you would like to register, please click here. We’ve been asking you what your favorite childhood memories are, and it’s been fun to see the answers. It brings back memories of the time we spent with our families or the present as we raise families of our own. Soon you will be learning about Jesus’ family and absorbing the pages of scripture with your workbook- James, Mercy Triumphs. Here’s a little more information about this amazing group of women you’ll be learning with.

Number of Women in Study: 306 registered (last updated: Nov 22 ) we are longer updating the cities but we are updating the number of women particapting

Where We’re From

  • Canada-2
  • France-1
  • Germany-1
  • Philippines-1
  • Saudi Arabia-1
  • South Africa-1
  • Switzerland-1
  • Trinidad-1
  • United Kingdom-3
  • Alabama-4
  • Alaska-1
  • Arizona-4
  • Arkansas-8
  • California-21
  • Colorado-3
  • Florida-10
  • Georgia-11
  • Illinois-7
  • Indiana-3
  • Iowa-1
  • Kansas-5
  • Kentucky-3
  • Louisiana-1
  • Maine-1
  • Maryland-2
  • Michigan-2
  • Minnesota-3
  • Mississippi-1
  • Missouri-4
  • Montana-1
  • Nebraska-1
  • New Jersey-2
  • New York-4
  • North Carolina-14
  • Ohio-10
  • Oklahoma-2
  • Pennsylvania-3
  • South Carolina-7
  • South Dakota-1
  • Tennessee-9
  • Texas-32
  • Virginia-5
  • Washington-1
  • Wisconsin-2
  • Not stated-46

I’m so excited to start reading this new Beth Moore bible study! Today, we’ll begin reading week one and each day you’ll spend 30-45 minutes in the Word. The following Monday, we’ll gather again online and have a group discussion about week one! If you have any questions, please read the FAQ page or email me.

To JOIN this online bible study, click here.

In Him,

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  • Mellisa DeBraal says:

    Hi my name is Mellisa. I am married and have three children. This is my first on-line bible study. I am really excited to get started.

  • Victoria says:

    You can print the first 2 days off of the Lifeway website. When you click on James Member Book, at the bottom will be a link to a Sample–and it is printable. That is what I did because I wasn’t able to get my book until last night.
    Hope that helps a little.

  • maryann says:

    I am looking forward to this study! Didn’t receive workbook yet, it’s on back order; but will try n keep up!

  • Angie says:

    Heavenly Father, thank you for bringing together this wonderful group of women from all corners of your creation to study your Word together. Help us to be committed and persevere through to the end of the study. We love you, Lord and long to know you more intimately. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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