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Welcome to our study of James, the brother of Jesus. We’ll be reading from James, Mercy Triumphs a new bible study written by Beth Moore. You’ll need a copy of the workbook in order to participate in this online bible study. We timed this bible study to coincide with the holiday season- Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. It’s a time when we gather with our own families to make new memories and relive old ones. We’ll see scriptures through the eyes of James, who spent his family holidays with his brother Jesus. Can you even imagine growing up as a brother or sister in Jesus’ natural family! Beth Moore digs into the family dynamics beginning at the very first chapter. She reminds us that Jesus’ natural family thought he was insane, and his brother James taunted him to reveal and prove himself. James grew up living with the Son of God, and yet was an unbeliever. How is this possible? Beth examines these questions through our study of James. We’ll see a member of Jesus’ own family transformed.

Be sure to read the introduction in the front of your workbook and the five levels of participation. You’ll choose your own level, however we are going to keep you accountable to your commitment to study James. Each week you are asked to check-in at the Bible Cafe and report on your progress. An online bible study is less structured than a church small group, because we’re unable to see your workbook and check your progress. You’ll need self-discipline to stay on track, and we’ll have small group leaders to help you stay on track. A small group leader will shepherd a group of up to 20 women and help you stay accountable to your online bible stud. It makes our job easier if you post a comment or send an email to your group leader, even just to say “I’m on track and just finished week one.”

This online group is made up of more than 175+ women- new Believers, long-time Christ followers, first time bible study participants, seasoned bible study participants, pastor’s wives, church leaders and women seeking a church family. These women are from around the world- the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland. It’s almost impossible to find a church small group with a mix like this. What makes the online group unique is the absence of time zone restrictions. We can meet as a group anytime by simply visiting the Bible Cafe and posting comments or posting a reply to another comment. Day or night, the Bible Cafe is open.

If this is your first bible study, please read about My First Bible Study. If you have quit other bible studies, please read  25 Excuses For Not Participating in Bible Study. We assume each of you have read the Bible Cafe FAQ so you understand how the online study works.

The Details of Our Study

  • We’ll be reading from James, Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore. We’ll read a chapter a week, followed by a group discussion online.
  • Video or audio sessions from Beth Moore are available to enhance your study.  We highly recommend the audio/video because Beth Moore brings life and passion to the study with her voice. Due to the expense they are optional and only the workbook is required here at the Womens Bible Cafe.
  • We’ll “meet” once a week on Monday, where you’ll see a blog post such as this. At the end of the post you’ll see the discussion questions.
  • Small groups will be assigned later this week and you’ll receive an email from your small group leader.

Assignment for this Week

Group Discussion

Please answer this fun question so we can get to know one another: If you wrote a hit song about your childhood, what would the song title be?

In Him,

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  • Barbara Moore says:

    If I wrote a hit song about my childhood what would it be, well I was always a trouble maker in my early formative years so my song would be “Trouble in my way”.

  • Kristy says:

    I am late posting this! My song would be Childhood memories throughout the years. Not very creative, I know. 🙂

  • Jennifer D says:

    My song would be: Have fun, enjoy your life, don’t forget to laugh, and cry when necessary.

  • Michelle says:

    Though I had a good childhood and good family overall, there were some issues that really wounded my heart and left a hole in its wake. So I think my song would be “Please won’t somebody love me and fill up this space in my heart?” Now I know only God can do that and I am working on letting him in more and more to do just that. I am very much looking forward to this study.

  • Carol says:

    My song would be Blessed Assurance. I always knew I was loved. I had a great mom and dad and was raised in a truly Christian home. My mom and dad started attending the Luthern church one summer before I was school aged because my sister and I attended Vacation Bible School there. I guess they must have been searching but was too young to remember. I was blessed knowing God loved me, my parents loved me, and my husband loves me. Not to say life has been without challanges of unemployment and worldly troubles, but God truly has given me a blessed life and the joy of salvation!

  • Emily M says:

    Probably “She’s a Wild One”. I was always the one making everyone laugh. Involved in all kinds of extracurriculars. My mom says I’m the life of the party, always telling a story, always busy, and a little on the hyper side! LOL

  • Nadine says:

    I can see the person You want me to be, but I’m not there yet….or….Greatest Hits of my Failures (need some help here!)

  • Lisa says:

    The title to my childhood song would most fittingly be, “Its dark in here, but I know the light switch is somewhere” I had a troubled childhood filled with sexual abuse, rejection and abandonment, yet God in His grace spoke a Hope into my heart and I knew there was more for me than what I was living then. Sadly, I searched down many destructive roads before I reached the bottom of a pit and cried out to God… Hallelujia, He is faithful, and the light of Christ has flooded my life! The beauty is, God has taken my broken past and used it to enable me to minister to other women with similar histories! Beauty for ashes 🙂

  • Lexi says:

    My hit song would be “Change of Plans.” Throughout my life I’ve continually witnessed how God has changed the plans that *I* made and shown me what His will was. I’ve experienced His grace and forgiveness and His direction over and over again. Through the changes, He’s stretched me beyond what I ever thought I would be able to handle but He provides the grace to make it through each circumstance. So, my life today looks nothing like I ever imagined it would be, but I feel so blessed to be where He’s called me to be.

  • Jackie says:

    “You know that I’m funny, but you don’t know that it’s to hide my insecurities”

  • Tiffani says:

    My hit song would be title: “Jesus’ grace carried her through the rocky mountains of life.” Life has been adventure. Knowing Jesus has given me the grace to bear the hardships and heartaches in life; and the strength to sing about it. 🙂

  • melissa says:

    “Wish my dad stayed by”

  • Judy Rice says:

    My song title would be “I’m not that different from you”.

  • Jessica says:

    My hit song would be called “Hard Times”. My parents divorced when I was very young, my father was abusive, and I lost my grandparents and mother when I was still a teenager. However, I know now that God can turn our messes into our greatest messages and miracles of our lives.

  • Debi Schmidt says:

    “Blessed beyond all reason!” I’m not a writer, but it would have to sum up being the apple of my (many) living grandparents’ eye, Daddy’s girl, marrying a home-town boy & being together 20 (+) years later, and somehow mention the three beautiful kids we’ve raised. Add in a healthy dose of daily prayer & thanksgiving, both for me (by all of the above) and by me, for just about everyone I meet, and serve it up w/ a whole lot of Southern hospitality. Thanks for asking y’all!

  • Amy K says:

    The title song of my childhood would be, “Don’t Speak”. Things were hard growing up and no one listened to this little girls heart so I learned to not say anything.

  • Kerry-Anne says:

    My hit song – “Smile & wave” Shew! This is going to be a great study!!!! Am loving the idea of memorising scripture – am keen to give it a go with bucket loads of extra grace to make it possible 🙂 Need to renew this mind big time!

  • Nancy says:

    “Over the River and Through the Woods, with My Family I Love to Be” I have many wonderful memories, but going to both Grandparents house to play with cousins and feast were some of my favorites,

  • Debby says:

    Fun times in the country. My father was a farmer, we lived in the country, have ponies to ride and were pretty free to be outside most of the day. I had a good childhood.

  • Sue says:

    This was hard… to try to come up with a song … so many to choose from … I looked through my list of songs on my computer they range from 60s folk songs, 80s one hit wonders, 90s alternative, Country, show tunes, classical, opera and of course a bunch of Christian … right now I think the words of Amy Grant “Better than a Hallelujah” might do…
    As a child I was always looking for something, crying out, thinking I was messed up, and looking for that place to belong ….. I found out I belonged to God, what I was missing was a real relationship with Jesus, and of course He know it all along.

    “We pour out our miseries
    God just hears a melody
    Beautiful the mess we are
    The honest cries of breaking hearts
    Are better than a Hallelujah”

  • Mona says:

    My theme song from my childhood would have to be “Somewhere” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

  • Christine says:

    Contact Lifeway customer support and let them know. I printed mine a few weeks ago so there may be an issue they are not aware of.

  • Evet Meierer says:

    I think mine would be “I Survived child abuse”. My dad sexual abused me when I was 5-12. Struggled with this all my life. I finally find God about 6 years ago and HE changed my life. My dad got sick and passed away last year and never got any answers from him why he did that.But I know God will help him in heaven.

    • Christine says:

      I hope you listen to Session One audio as Beth Moore describes her own sexual abuse as a child. It’s powerful and I’ve now listened 4 times to this same session.

  • Laura says:

    I had a great childhood. I had loving parents and two fun siblings. My father was in the army so we lived in Europe for a while. Once he retired, he was diagnosed with Leukemia and battled for several years- he is now in remision. Our family endured some scary times but, for some reason, I never thought it would turn out any different. My soundtrack song for my childhood could be, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” 🙂 I rarely worried about the outcome of my dad’s sickness… although he was given a 30% chance of survival. God’s will was for him to remain in our lives. THANKFUL!

  • Sheree says:

    My song would have to be…”There’s a New Girl in School”…..I’m an Army brat, and we have traveled to so many places overseas and all over the United States, and I was always changing schools.

  • Elsa Keller says:

    If I wrote a song about my childhood the title would be “One out of a million” I grew up feeling insignificant until one day I met my Lord Jesus Christ and instead of feeling like one in a million, He made me feel like I was one who mattered to Him. I am so blessed and honored to know Jesus as my savior.

  • Sherri says:

    I guess the song title that describes my childhood would be “Brave”. My family moved several times during my childhood and I had to leave old friends behind and make new friends each time. As I got older, it was harder and harder to form friendships because I didn’t know when I’d have to tell these new friends goodbye because we’d be moving again. So I learned to be brave and tell my old friends goodbye. I learned to be brave and enter a new school and a new classroom full of people that I didn’t know. I learned to be brave and create new friendships.

  • Amy says:

    “Unanswered Prayers” is a song that fits my life as I look back into the past. There were so many times when I prayed so hard for something only to receive the answer “no”. I finally realize that my plan nowhere near compares to God’s plan. God was saying no to some “goods” to make room for some “greats”.

  • Amanda says:

    I grew up in a Christian home and had a wonderful childhood. My father was a pastor and still is involved in ministry and mission work. I became a Christian at a very young age and unfortunately fell away for a time. I would have to name my song “Thank you God for not giving up on me.”

  • Bridgit says:

    “Life was good…” I want to say something like “life was good – enter God- and life was better”. I grew up in a non-Christian home but it was a very loving and wonderful environment nonetheless.

  • Cindy Cannon says:

    “You are the wind beneath my wings”, I have been so blessed to have parents that raised me in church, and taught me to work hard, and shine! God has truly blessed me with a great childhood. Although I remember times that were rough, we always worked everything out. I, Thank God my mother was a prayer warrior.

  • Jovana says:

    I have to say like Kelli what a wonderful world. I had a wonderful childhood with my parents and sisters. It was not a perfet family however I had beautiful memories that I treasured in my heart.

  • Sue says:

    New Kid in School. I went to 13 different schools before I graduated from high school. Most of the time I did not start at the beginning of the school year. I was able to see a great deal of our wonderful country but did keep too many close friends.

  • Lil says:

    Mine would be from the movie Funny girl “Im the greatest star “, because as a child I was always putting on a fashion show, acting, singing, dancing imagining and i had a super large personality. I lived to make others laugh, play with me or join the show. I am an only child and I also craved attention. so Any Bette Midler or Streisand moment would work. I really still love making people laugh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w5y8TLDXMA on the flip side it was very hard to be in a home with my father as his moods were hard and my childhood was a roller-coaster sometimes we would have an ice-skating rink outside and neighbors over the next day no one spoke. Thank God I felt mostly happy and I hope he returns me to that state as the “funny girl’ now has depression. So the other song is from funny girl and its called funny girl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VH58PhcGqY

  • Michelle says:

    My song would be praise you in this storm. My childhood was very rocky. My parents were divorced and I was an only child. Sometimes it seems God was the only one I could turn to.

  • Shukeria says:

    I think my song title would be “WHY ME!” Throughout my life I found myself asking this question all of the time. From dealing with issues at school – like the other children teasing me – to growing up and having to deal with things that I never imagined I would have to encounter. I am thankful for my childhood because if has shaped me into the person that I am today.

  • Renee says:

    Out of the Ashes

  • Aisha Picott says:

    Hmmm….a hit song about my childhood…
    I would have to be…
    “These are the days” Mainly because those were the BEST days that I miss now. No responsibility but to play, go to school and be a kid. Awesome…

  • Yvette Clarke says:

    Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood, would you be mine! hahaha. Oh how i miss the innocense!

  • Linda says:

    My song title would be Fun Times in the Sun! I spent every waking moment outside…playing kickball, soccer, wiffle ball, climbing trees, riding bike, roller skating and especially in the pool. We had a great time as a family and enjoyed going fishing and swimming with my aunt and uncle.

  • Della Lee says:

    My song would be Que Sera, Que Sera. As a child, I was concerned about being pretty and rich. My mom used to tell me to not worry about stuff like that. She said God would have his way with my life and that His way would be the right way. If you’ve never heard the song, it goes a little like this: “When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, what will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich? Here’s what she said to me. Que sera, sera. Whatever will be will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que sera, serra” I’m glad she added God to her explanation because it would have been frightening to contemplate without Him.

  • Dawn Edgell says:

    My song title would be “Please Let Me Go With My Sisters.” Thery were 5 & 6 years older than me and were always sneaking off from me when they would go somewhere. I would “pitch a fit” (as my Mama would say) when I found out they had left!

  • Caroll says:

    “Absolutely Amazing”
    Oh my goodness this brings back so many GREAT memories.

  • Kelli says:

    “What a Wonderful World”, nobody or family is perfect, but I honestly had a great childhood, there were and still are quirky things between people, but we find a way to laugh about it and appreciate our differences. I feel very blessed to have a great family.

  • Carolyn says:

    Mine is Somewhere over the Rainbow, because I was always wishing I was
    somewhere else.
    on another note. I was sent the wrong book and have to send this back and
    wait for the correct one.

  • Heather says:

    Mine would probably be “Who Am I”. I grew up with six brothers and sisters. I still struggle with my identity and even decision making skills. I always feel jumbled up when it comes to leading my own family and doing our own things.

  • Becky Ewing says:

    As I sat in the hospital room of my mother and watched Video session one of this bible study, tears running down my face on how this bible study is exactly what I need in this point in my life. My parents who have been pastors for over 60 years and are in my eyes Godly parents, are in a point where it looks like my mom will need to be moving to Arkansas due to her illness. My dad still pastoring a church in Houston Texas is torn between leaving Houston and having to move to Arkansas. I have 3 siblings. My sister and I both live in Arkansas and have not spoken to my two brothers in several years. Our brothers are not christians and are very bitter. My parents are very upset about the family being so torn and it is so divided. God has given me the opprotunity to speak to my older brother now that I have been in Houston taking care of my mom.
    My younger brother who lives in Arkansas refuses to be a part of our family. I think this bible study is going to be what I need to help bring our family back together.
    I found this bible study by a Tweet on Twitter you all. The day I saw this come up on my twitter newsfeed I instantly felt drawn to do this. NOW I know why.
    Thank you so much. God bless you ~

  • christine says:

    Mine would be “unbroken” as I allow the Lord to come into my heart and heal years of hurt and feelings of brokenness and inadequacy.

  • Jayme says:

    “Tom Boy” – I was always trying to be a boy when I was little maybe because I had an older brother and all of my neighbors were boys. I played with Legos, Castle Grayskull, and Matchbox cars. I also played Little League. I refused to wear a dress or anything that was pink or purple. I have also grown up to be en engineer, a male dominated field. However, I have also grown up to be a girl and I have not problems wearing dresses or pink now. It took a while, but I have accepted my feminine side.

    • maryann says:

      I was taught He is always with us and sees all
      I felt Him and sometimes kept me out of trouble! Had fear and learned His Love!!

  • Ann says:

    My song would have to be a disco tune similar to “I Will Survive”. Perhaps “I Have Survived!”

  • Yaneli says:

    Mine would be titlee “I am so Loved’ 🙂 Even though we didnt have much money I had the best childhood, and after the life I have lived I am SO glad that I have that to look back on.

  • Victoria says:

    I’m thinking my song title would be: “Little Goody-Two Shoes Gone Awry”…(so silly, lol)

    My childhood was a crazy one, with lots of instability and chaos…yet I longed to be different, to be organized and mature. So most of my childhood I spent trying so hard to be the “sane” one in my family; my sisters used to call me “Little Goody-Two Shoes” or even a Bible Thumper…and then, around 16/17, I broke down and couldn’t pretend anymore…I rebelled against my parents, and made many mistakes that I regretted for the longest time.
    But now, God has lead me to a place where I can accept that every mistake worked out for the greater good, for His Glory…and although I don’t like some of my past actions, “Little Goody-Two Shoes” went awry for a reason, and then, she was redeemed by Jesus Christ!

  • Amy S. says:

    I would choose “Pure Imagination” from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. I was always so imaginative as a child, always pretending to be somewhere more exciting, more magical. Of course, that song already exists. If I had to make one up, I would choose to call it, “You may see me as a shy little girl, but I’m really a princess”. LOL I was so quiet in school but a real drama queen at home, always singing and living in my own fairytale!

  • Bonnie says:

    It’s a wonderful world. I had a great childhood, We were poor, but never realized it. I had a great mother who did everything to make sure we were happy.

  • Krystle says:

    A song for me to describe my childhood is difficult. Part of me would say “Free” because I looking back I think my grandma could’ve been a little less overprotective. I grew up socially awkward but then another part of me would want a song that says “I’m grateful” because I was taught so many good things that have made me the person I am today.

  • Lauren says:

    Hey, I’m Lauren from Kentucky! This is hard! “Wild Child”, probably… because I was not the most cooperative child =)

  • Missy says:

    I have had a hard time coming up with a song! Is there a song called ‘Fear’? That is a great one-word summary of my childhood. Fear of my dad, fear of sickness, fear of people, fear of being alone, fear of failure, the fear of instability, and the fear that accompanies poverty. So depressing, but that is my childhood!

  • Jennifer says:

    If I were to write a song (I have no music smarts, so this is difficult) it would have to be something along the lines of “How great thou art” (sounds so stuffy! 🙂 But I really only have childhood memories of being outdoors, all of the time, playing, camping, skiing, biking. So I feel truly connected to God and feel my Lords love in nature and I truly do see his greatness in mountains, oceans, and hummingbirds. When I think of God or want to be close to Him I often find myself looking out a window or going outside.

  • Glynis says:

    “Never Stay Too Long” …. we moved around a lot as my dad was in the military. It definitely shaped my personality, my childhood and the whole family dynamic. It wasn’t bad, just different!

  • Barbara says:

    “Dream, Dream, Dream” — I spent my young years dreaming of life “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” — only to come to the realization that this is not a ‘Cinderella World’. Fortunately, I came to learn that “God works in all things for the good!”. A lot of good things can come from our disappointments in life if we continue to trust in the Lord and Believe He is greater than this life. These good Bible Studies help us keep our focus.

  • Adele-Alys says:

    Born with more imagination than practical resolve, I always “lived in my head.” Therefore, my pick would have to be “In My Own Little Corner” from the musical Cinderella. I’m talking the 60s TV version with Leslie Ann Warren. I can still taste the Nutty Butty that I ate during the broadcast!

  • Barb Steere says:

    And we’ll have fun, fun, fun till her Daddy takes her T-Bird away…Beach Boys


    Ba ba ba…Ba Ba Ber Anne…Also by the Beach Boys and a huge reason WHY I am SO excited that God has changed my name!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

  • Carrie says:

    My song would have been Rum and Coca Cola. My mother was an alcoholic, and passed away from the disease when I was young girl. My Dad then raised me, and loved the Andrew Sisters. He used to twirl me around in the kitchen to it. So the song different memories for me good and bad.

  • Tiffany says:

    I know you said make up your own title but I can’t think of a better one than Mandisa’s Stronger. I grew up with 2 drug-addicted parents, my mother passed when I was 13 (9 days after I accepted Christ as my Savior). It hasn’t been as eay life but it has made me stronger. I am so thankful I had/have Jesus!

    I included a link the the song on youtube if anyone isn’t familiar with it.


  • Sue Alice says:

    I really can not think of a song………Maybe ” I am so Lonely” for I felt I was never wanted. I know that is sad, but I NOW know Jesus always wanted and loved me, so my song now would be ” It is Well With My Soul”

    • Angie says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you felt this way when you were young Sue Alice but I’m glad to hear that you now know the truth! Looking forward to doing another study with you!

  • Jeanie Ryan says:

    My song would have to be “The peppermint Twist”. I just wanted to dance. My older sister was in dance class and I was always jealous of that. She wore pretty costumes that mom hand made for her with lots of sequins each sewn by hand. I started sewing when I was very young and made clothes for my dolls. My youngest daughter was in dance for 12 years so I spent alot of time at the dance studio with her. I have been in a senior tap class myself for the past 4 years. I did not like my sister when I was young because of this jealousy but have realized how silly it was years ago and apologized to her for the way I treated her and we are good friends today. I did not think I was loved as a child because of all this but I now know how much my parents really loved me. I Have a new song to sing now about “Joy of The Lord”.

  • Angie says:

    I always thought other girls were prettier, smarter, more popular, had cooler stuff, etc. and wished I had what they had or were more like they were so my song title would have to be “I Wanna Be More Like You”.

  • Rhonda says:

    I was raised by a loving mother and I always wanted to be like her so I choose :”Like My Mother Does”

  • carin says:

    “I gotta be me”…..
    I was a very loud theatrical child ( I wanted to be an actress) and always stepped in front of my small frail sister when family pictures were taken or at that time 8mm movies. I would sing loud in the car and finally my dad said one day… I hope someday you are on the radio…I said really Dad? He said YES, so I can turn you off….HA HA….:)

  • Teral McDowell says:

    My theme song would have to be “I Surrender All” because this is where the Lord has me. Although I have been walking with the Lord since the early 80’s I have not learned to be fully reliant on Him. I find myself wanting to take control; make decisions and those decisions are often not the best choices. God promises His best. I like the choices of songs i see you ladies have chosen above; not sure where this list of songs is. I don’t have the workbook and can not study along as I am going to be working a part-time retail job for the Christmas season. I am supposed to have Sundays off but only time will tell. Right at this moment if I had to choose a secular song I would choose “Love Me Tender’ as I have looked for that kind of love and found none until I found the love of my Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Christie says:

    I remember writing a letter to my grandmother asking if I could move out and move in with her. It seems that I was distraught because I had once again gotten in trouble for whining to my parents. In the letter, I wrote that I just couldn’t help it, that God must have made me a whiner, and that I just couldn’t stop whining. (Cue the melodramatic music!) So my song title would probably be along the lines of “I Speak Whinese…”! :o)

  • Susan says:

    I think mine would have to be “I Will Trust You” by Steven Curtis Chapman . . .things happened that I will never understand, but I learned to trust God, even in the sad times

  • Carla says:

    I know it has already been used but “Only the Lonely” comes to mind. I am an only child who spent most of my time in the company of adults. I have always hated being an only – still do at age 53! It was and is a lonely existence. I missed having siblings as a kid and still find myself getting jealous of those who say that their best friend is a sibling…

  • Bienve says:

    I grew up in a home that if you laughed too hard or if you acted too crazy you were too told to behave and be still……and anyone who knows me knows i am full of energy and “craziness”, so I like “Girls Just want to have fun…” hehehehehehe ..God girls just want to have fun … 😉

  • Susan Lawrence says:

    “I Did It My Way” comes to mind! I had a great childhood but one that was steeped in self-reliance more than faith. I have to admit I’ve been a bit stubborn throughout my life. However, as God began to transform me, he showed me the determination and fortitude rooted in the same personality trait. Now I’d have to alter the tune to say “(Trying to Do It) God’s Way”!

  • Michelle Deckard says:

    Loneliness followed me until us was 10. My blessed brother was born!

  • Susan says:

    Not sure of the title, “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion roars tonight.” I was a tomboy and pretended to be Tarzan’s Jane – climbing over hugh fallen trees and trying to find vines to swing on. Loved it.

  • LaTalya says:

    Hi! I am a bit late, but I’d like to join too!

  • Michelle says:

    I am pretty sure my theme song title is already taken…but it keeps fleeting through my thoughts as I ponder this question – “I Just Wanna Be Loved By You!”

  • Christine says:

    I was raised to “be seen and not heard” so my childhood theme song would be “Can You Hear Me Now, I Roar Like a Lioness!” (Okay, that made me laugh). What’s your theme song?

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