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By November 17, 2011Identity

Yesterday my daughter came home from school with a troubled heart. She’s in fourth grade at a new school and said “it was the worst day of my life.” After a prayer and a hug I gave her some personal space. About an hour later she came to show me a letter she had written to her new best friend. Here is what my 10-year-old wrote (unedited):

“Thank you for being with me in tough times. Thank you for your comfort and care. I have needed you lots of times before. We have been friends for 3 months. You are my bestie for life. I promise to keep the secrets told and the stories said. Please take my promise and keep it safe. Please hold on to life even though it shall get harder. You will get love, fortune and friends and lose love, fortune and friends. But I shall help you with this. When you fall I shall pick you up from the dirt. And if your faith gets shallow, God is with you forever. Don’t let life pull your tongue. Some men you love shall say no, but one will say yes. Love is kept for your soul mate. So don’t give it all to a man who uses you. Be kept from the devil with the Lord. If you need help, prayers shall be sent from God for your help. Hold on to precious you.”

Her letter included the drawing of an angel who resembles Jesus and a girl on the earth holding a cross with the words “Your Life.” With her permission I shared her words with my Twitter friends and one replied “Your daughter amazes me & gives me hope for the future.” I’m convinced that God is raising up a new generation of children and we do have hope in our future.

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In Him,

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  • Nancy says:

    Yay sweet daughter of the Most High King! Your words pleased this mama’s heart and I know they also pleased God.

  • Heather says:

    Amen! Thank you so much for sharing… there has been thoughts of wonder spread through me regarding our youth, our younger ones; my heart goes out to them – to your daughter & I praise our Lord for giving us this glimpse of hope for the future!! It’s hard to raise our children in today’s society – Our God is amazing and can do all things – He is bigger then this world. Katy is very special!

  • Joyce says:

    “and a child will lead them” Isaiah 11. This young lady has an anointing from God. She is here to show others what a child like spirit in Christ is like. I give credit where it is due, Mom, you have shown herwhat is is to be a true friend. Be blessed that you have a child that is able to feel the wonders of God at such a young age. She has a beautiful spirit.

  • Susan says:

    oh, how I pray that God will continue to grow in her heart – -she is such a blessing and I think God is going to do great things through her! she has been in my prayers since the school year started – -I am so thankful God gave her a special friend.

  • Nanette says:

    This beautiful and amazing! I wish your daughter could talk to me when I am down. I think I’ll print her letter and keep it on my bulletin board, if you don’t mind… What a blessing she is…

    • Christine says:

      Thank you for your words Nanette. I realize through them…she has the heart for Jesus and knows what it means to be a good friend. If you want me to mail you a copy of the original letter just use the “contact us” form and send me your address. 🙂

  • Raye says:

    awesome! very sincere letter, from the heart – I felt her words! God is doing this; however He is doing thru your parenting…….

  • Sue Alice says:

    This is amazing! To have faith that is that strong at her age. Prayers and blessings to her and all of you.

  • Felecia Wong says:

    WOW! Awesome & powerful!
    You are raising up a generation of Faith.
    Joel 2:28
    “I will pour out my Spirit
    on every kind of people:
    Your sons will prophesy,
    also your daughters.
    Your old men will dream,
    your young men will see visions”.
    Thank you for sharing!

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