Fingerprints of God Online Bible Study Week 5

Welcome back to womens online bible study as we study Fingerprints of God by Jennifer Rothschild. We’ve finished reading week five and we have one week of study remaining. This week we learned about the hand that guide us. We started the week exploring the concept of darkness and light as it relates to God. Jennifer presented us with some great scripture verses along with common cliches for dark and light. It was an interesting and fun method of learning!

Next we took a quick look at Jonah the reluctant prophet and the consequences of not following God’s will. On page 76 in the book we completed a chart of action words comparing the story of Jonah with our story related to God. You may have written  “God said for Jonah to go to Nineveah, Jonah ran away, God sent a storm, Jonah was thrown overboard and God sent a fish to swallow him for three days.” Jonah was given a second chance to follow God’s command as the story continues. In your own life, you may have written “God wants my heart, I sinned, God punishes, I’m complacent, God shows mercy.” Jennifer reminds us that our story ends with mercy.

As we completed our study this week we learned from Jennifer that “Jonah’s rebellion, Manassehs’ rejection and Nebuchadnezzer’s pride fling them into darkness.” Knowing this, you are encouraged to examine your own history and see if there are any areas of a prideful past still lingering inside your heart. We learned the best cure for pride is humility.


Prayer Requests

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Homework For Next Week

  • Read Week Six  in your book.
  • Watch  Video Session Six (optional due to cost) The video answers are in the back of your book in the “leaders guide”
  • Optional: Join us  on Monday’s at 6:00 PST/ 9:00 EST in a Facebook “live” chat hosted by Lakecia and some of your small group leaders. This is optional because of the many time zones and not everyone uses Facebook. To join the group –click here.
  • Check in with your Small Group Leader.

Group Discussion- answer one or as many questions as you like by posting a comment below

  1. How can we identify when we’re walking in the light or walking in the darkness?
  2. How would you advise someone in this bible study to practice humility? What are some examples from your own life or something you’ve seen in others?
  3. How can you sprinkle light into areas of darkness?
  4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s lesson.


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  • Carin says:

    Yes, I am still here and trying to finish so I can start the next study…Can’t wait!!

    How can we identify when we’re walking in the light or walking in the darkness?
    I have been sharing with my husband that if our feelings are “not a fruit of the spirit” it is not in the light or not the spirit of God. We need to walk in faith and understanding that God is in control. If we notice that the people around us have hardening of the heart or is angry or vengeful we know that they are not walking in the light. We need to let it go and let God handle it.

    How would you advise someone in this bible study to practice humility? What are some examples from your own life or something you’ve seen in others?
    By being open to listening to what others see. If someone sees me sinning then I want to know (maybe I don’t see it because I am mad). At that point I want to fall on my knees and humble myself to ask for forgiveness.

    How can you sprinkle light into areas of darkness?
    I really think this would depend on the situation. Sometimes just a smile or gesture of friendliness to a stranger could change everything.

    Share a favorite moment from this week’s lesson
    A reminder that when we are dealing with others that are lost that God’s righteous judgment will always catch up to the disobedience. Let God do the judging. Plus it should take the pressure off of us! With all the things that are happening in our lives right now, I am amazed at how well I sleep at night….God is good!!

  • Carrie S. says:

    My favorite part this week: “The law leads to life and clarity. Repentance leads to a new direction.” This spoke volumes to me.

  • AdeleAlys Spil says:

    3) Christine, I love your choice of the word…sprinkle…because I think that it is key. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed by the enormity of a change needed in a given situation that I am tempted to fold my hands in the face of it and do nothing. Its good to remember that a sprinkle if salt or light can do wonders to make circumstances more palatable and lives brighter.

    Words demonstrate how this can be accomplished. A kind word in a hard situation….even the simple use of ones names when you are lonely really makes a big difference.

  • Andi B says:

    ! I had my answers almost completed and hit a wrong button and they were gone! (same thing happened a couple days ago when I was writing a restaurant review… stupid fingers and new computer – deadly combination!)

    When I’m out of sync with God, certain personality traits come to the forefront. I get obsessive, possessive, insecure and just plain angry. Fortunately, reconnecting is simple though not always easy. Reading Godly literature, listening to Christian music, leaning on the wisdom of other believers and, most importantly the wisdom of scripture helps me reconnect.

    I guess taking an inventory on your own life helps. When I think about the people whom I’ve hurt or disappointed and then the Grace and forgiveness that God gives, it’s very humbling.

    To shine light, I’d use everything I listed in question 1. God everywhere in every way possible! Also to help someone who’s lost his or her way reconnect with Christ. We teach what we most need to know… so it lights all paths!

    This was actually a hard week for me because a lot of it reminded me of my least favorite parts of religion — showing where we fall short. But, as far as favorite, looking at Jonah was wonderful. It was a good reminder and, because of my heritage (Jewish,) a good memory! Jonah’s story has been in my High Holy day services since I was a kid and it’s nice to reconnect with the story and the lesson. Almighty!

    • Christine Smith says:

      You bring a valuable perspective to these bible studies because of your Jewish heritage. Jesus was Jewish too! SO please continue to share and participate in the conversations so we can learn from your experiences. 🙂

      • Andi B says:

        I’m planning on keeping with the study. I love my Jewish heritage and I also love Jesus. Most people don’t understand this… but I know that God does. I’m absolutely loving this study; it’s helping me feel connected with Godly women and I am learning SO much! Thank you for being here!

  • Sylvia says:

    My favorite moment from this weeks lesson was when I was on page 82- write the following sentence in your journal and insert the words in which you struggle with pride- I struggle with pride when it comes to my…
    I looked at all the words and I thought- I dont struggle with any of these issues! But then I sensed the Lord tell me- ” You struggle with all these areas. You compare yourself constantly with others who have a beautiful home, are wealthy, have kids who are following the Lord, who are smarter, are very creative and talented ,have many friends, have many degrees and have accomplished much while even so young.” I agreed. I do struggle with a prideful, critical, judgemental, and yes, I confess even jealous heart. At that moment, the lord was convicting me that indeed I struggle with pride big time and I needed to repent and humble myself in prayer asking him to deliver me from the many desires I have that plunge me into self-pity and depression and are not glorifying to Him. Thank you Lord for showing me, teaching me, convicting me and forgiving me.

  • Anne Maxwell says:

    Q1. The peace of God in our heart even when there is a storm raging.
    Q2. Being thankful to God and to worship Him in song and in giving
    Q3. Praying for people who are in darkness. Speaking the word of God into people’s lives.
    Q4. Pride always wants more. That was a revelation. I was totally blown away by the mercy of God. Especially in the story about Manasseh – how he was so evil and yet when he cried out to God and God rescued him.

  • Sharon Lewis says:

    I’m a bit slow responding this week because I was on the road yesterday, but I just want to say that last week’s study really blessed me. I personally felt such encouragement by reading Jonah’s story in a fresh way. As passionate as I am about the Lord and serving in ministry, I can relate to times of rebellion and feeling disoriented on my path with God. The parallel chart of Jonah’s life as compared to mine really spoke to me, and it has also proven to be true. Thank God for his mercy and providence as He brings us back into the light of His purpose for our lives.

    OK, I started with the 4th question first. The first question is a good one because the shadows on our path have a tendency to come over us gradually, even when we have caused it ourselves, and we may not recognize it until we have gotten to the point of wondering how we got where we are. On the contrary, we can also be blindsided by dark storms and be left with “seewead wrapped around our heads.” However, the Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts and sets up road signs and warning signals to keep us on the lighted path. I know when I have been disobedient or have simply been complacent at times which has left me feeling bewildered or apathetic. Those are the signals I have learned to recognize in my times of darkness. I feel overwhelmed, confused, or I lose my appetite for the things of the Lord during those times. But, God is faithful to shine His light of truth, mercy, and love on me to keep me on course.

    I have learned to shine light into areas of darkness by spending time in God’s presence. Worship is the strongest tool for dispelling darkness. I also encourage myself in the Lord by speaking truth from Scripture, and I meditate on God’s Word. I have also found that serving is a very positive “flashlight” in the spiritual realm, because when we show love to others, the focus is taken off of ourselves, and our hearts are more receptive to God’s light. We can also learn to draw from each other in the body of Christ and allow His light to overtake each other’s shadows.

    Well, it has been 4, 1, and then 3. So, here goes question 2. In order to practice humility, we each have to learn the very difficult lesson that it is not “all about us.” Some of the best examples of humility I’ve seen are people that give of themselves to others, whether it is in serving or encouraging others rather than putting too much value on themselves and their own time. I would advise someone to start there, and them examine their hearts for areas in which they have put themselves first or have thought too highly of themselves. Of course, humility does not mean that we have self loathing either. It is a balanced way of thinking. Then, make an effort to encourage, praise, help, and give to others. I think of a lady from our church that spends her weekends delivering food and necessities to the needy, and hardly anyone knows that she does this. To spend time with her, she is always so joyful and focuses her energy on building others up. She gives secretly, and does not do things for recognition or praise, and she is such a beautiful example of humility to me.

  • Letty says:

    I didn’t recognize my own darkness until this weeks lesson convicted me of it. I can total relate to Jonah wanting justice & not mercy for wicked people.

    The day I did the misguided monarch lesson about King Manasseh was the same day John Edwards mistrial verdict. I realized in both cases I am very judgmental with apparently little to no mercy, compassion or sympathy. How unlike my God who is patient, long suffering & kind to us who are so undeserving. Me most of all with a cold dark heart. Worse I didn’t even recognize it.

    The King with a capital I day lesson on pride was really humbling. Took a little soul searching but I realized my pride is not anything material at all. Its in the fact that I am a phony & will put on my strong happy face & would rather die than to let anyone know I am hurt or sad. That I am weak. A puffed up puff of wind. How pathetic.

    My favorite moment was on day 5 the story about flinging out the dirty underwear. Shining light into the corners of my darkness was uncomfortable & I know I needed someone else to identify what that was jamming my door but God’s laws are good & cleansing for my soul & He is not judgmental at all but loves me & forgives me & knows me. Praise God He is loving & compassionate & one day I will be like Him because He is who He is & can do great things even with someone like me.

    • Christine Smith says:

      The dirty underwear story had me laughing so hard! I like the way you identify with the jammed door….awesome!

  • Sue Alice says:

    1. Walk in the light with Him….obey His word, you are saved and not doing wrong. Drakness what we have done wrong in the past, not living for God.

    3. By taking God God with us wereever we go, as if He is walking beside us, there with us.

  • Sue Alice says:

    1. When we walk in the light we are doing all we can to please God. In drakness, just do as we were doing before we walk in the light.

    3. By walking with Him were ever we Go, as if He is right beside us.

  • Laverne (Missy) says:

    I would have to say my favorite part of week five would be page 75. Reading Ms. Rothschild story helped me understand my mom just a little bit more. You see my mom is legally blind, she sees less than 22% in her left eye and 0 in her right eye. The darkness analogy really blessed me….

    • Christine Smith says:

      Wow…this is a blessing for you! Jennifer has another book called “walk By Faith” and its one of my favorite bible studies.

  • Jackie says:

    1.How can we identify when we’re walking in the light or walking in the darkness? I know from experience in the past what walking in darkness is like. You feel confusion, lost, something isn’t right. You feel lack of joy and peace. I hate that feeling.
    2.How would you advise someone in this bible study to practice humility? Put God first in everything you do.
    What are some examples from your own life or something you’ve seen in others? It is really a paradox, when I put God first he always turns around and blesses me. Then I give God the Glory, and he blesses me more!
    3.How can you sprinkle light into areas of darkness?
    By infusing his word where ever I can. When those around me are talking about darkness, (like not believing in God for example) I will try to counter it with something from the word, which never comes back void.

  • elaine says:


  • Connie - Arkansas says:

    I am sorry to say that I am a week behind in my study – life can be messy at times! I do plan to finish and have received sooo much from this study. Thank you for offering it!

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