As with each of our online studies, we encourage you to keep a spiritual journal.  You can purchase a journal or create your own. Here are a few samples to help you get started with your first spiritual journal for Bible study.

Stasia has her journal divided into sections labeled Prayer, Memory Verses, Discussion Questions, and What God is Speaking to My Heart.


Stasia’s Method:

  1. Memory work. Some I have in my brain, some I do not, all need to be reviewed for me to continue to be resting in the Father’s Loving Embrace on a daily basis. I go through all the verses weekly. I use 3 by 5 cards… which I lost in the move so I have to rewrite them. THIS particular list came from a simple little book called 100 Bible Verses Every Christian Should Know. It was a pretty good book.
  2. Front of journal. I move from front to back as a journal so to speak. I use these pages to note what the Lord is showing me. I use MANY post its through out the week… and post them in the pages. At the end of the week I compile them and re write each one into the journal. This give me opportunity to praise the Lord for things that have been resolved by the end of the week, or to just giggle at my own human-ness… (just being honest ladies)
  3. Back of journal. Since the leadership training years ago I move from front to back keeping a journal (like a diary) and from back to front as a prayer journal.. when they meet in the middle I get a new journal
  4. Reminder cards. Cards I keep in the pocket to remind me of WHO God is… (Stasia made these cards for herself)

Michelle has divided spiritual journal by name and prayer needs.

Michelle’s Method:

  1. She is using index cards and a binder from Office Depot
  2. She created a section for her husband, herself and each of her kids.
  3. She is dating the requests or “conversation” she is having with God day by day. “I’m not rewriting something that is already there, but I am adding to it as I go along,” she says.
  4. She bought extra large index cards and hole-punched them to fit. She can take them out or move them around and rearrange them .

Sheree has a very simple method. She says, “I wanted to share my simple Spiritual Journal that I setup for my study, for those of you, like me, who still journal the old fashioned way.”

spiritual Journal

“This is just a simple spiral notebook, and you can buy sticky tabs to label the sections of your journal. This spiral notebook came with the multi-colored sticky notes that will be handy to mark your favorite places in the Bible study. The front cover will hold our Scripture memory cards that are found in the back of the Study Workbook. Each week during my daily study, when I open my journal, I will see my Scripture Memory card for that week. Then the next week, I’ll add the next Scripture reference card for that week’s memory work. The first few pages of my journal is labeled “prayer requests,” and it has several pages of “things to do” which is where my prayer requests will go. Just thought I would share this simple tool with you.”


Lastly, I’ve divided mine into daily lessons, weekly summary, prayer requests and small groups. I keep a list of all the women participating in my small groups, and then pray for them by name during the course of the week. I also keep attendance in my groups… and send weekly event reminders to the women who are growing spiritually with me through Bible study.

These are just some of the ideas for creating a spiritual journal, we’d like to hear yours too! Post a comment below and encourage others!