many bibles

Last month I went Bible shopping with my family and we had so much fun! One lady was there looking for her first Bible and said “Your family is so entertaining, I’ve never had so much fun!” All I can say is that we  looked like characters from a popular reality television show with the initials “DD.”

My kids needed Bibles for summer camp. My 12 year old daughter is upgrading from her purple princess Bible with crystal beads. I showed her a Life Application Study Bible in small size and she says “Mom, I don’t need THAT!!! All I want is Bible with just the words, nothing else!”

My teenager daughter rolls her eyes, says “I don’t need one, they share the verses on the screen anyway!” When her sister picks out a cool Bible suddenly she “needs” one too.

My husband says “I love my Bible, and I don’t need a new one because I bring my iPad to church.”

I scan the rows back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I picked up every Bible that caught my eye; most were pink or purple leather. I look at the translations, I say “this one is too heavy” or “the print is too tiny.” Finally I find one that is called “Large Print Compact Bible” and the cover is so beautiful, I MUST have it. My husband asks “How many Bibles do you own already?” The woman observing us just burst out laughing.

I explained to my captive audience  “I have the first Bible I learned from, my Life Application Bible Large Print and it’s too heavy for church. So I bought a Thinline Bible for church and the print is so small I can’t see it. Then I have my Inductive Study Bible and the chapters do not have descriptions, you need to write them in yourself. I have my Leadership Bible, Commentary Bible (s) and my all time favorite is the Spirit-Filled Bible but it’s not in the translations I like using right now.”  I forgot to mention that I also have  Greek-Hebrew Keyword Bible, probably because I never use this one.

Finally my husband and kids get to the cashier and she asks “Do you want your name embossed on the cover?” So my husband yells across the Christian bookstore/coffee shop “Honey, do we want the kids names printed on the Bible?” I yell back “Well, they are going to summer camp with 700 kids so it would be nice.” As the kids Bibles are being embossed, I decide on a Bible to purchase for myself (the one in this photo). My husband yells, “Honey, do you want yours embossed too?” I yell back, “No thank you. The cover is so pretty I don’t want to mess it up.”  He pays for my Bible and then says “Happy Mother’s Day” to which the jaws drop on the people around us. He continues “I know Father’s Day is tomorrow so today’s the last day to get you a gift.” I am hysterical with laughter while the other Christians in the store are hiding smiles behind their hands.

The kids are delighted and we finally left the store with three Bibles, two which are embossed with names.

Yes, we were THAT family Bible shopping  🙂