After leading more than 100 online Bible study groups, we asked our Bible Cafe™ community to share advice for beginners in Bible study. These women and volunteer Bible study leaders looked back at their own Bible study habits and created a list of their most common mistakes.

We discovered these Bible study mistakes happened in both online groups and local church study groups. When you join an online or virtual Bible study with us, our leaders will help you walk beyond the common mistakes and encourage your spiritual growth.

The 22 Common Mistakes

Quitting Before You Begin and Making Excuses Why You Can’t Start Your Study

Not Having a Scheduled Time For Bible Study and Making This a Last Priority

Feeling Inadequate and Assuming Everyone Else in Your Group Is Smarter

Adopting the Superhero Bible Girl Identity and Tempted By Too Many Choices

Boredom From Reading the Bible Daily

Brain Fog and Difficulty Keeping Focused

Expecting Others to Invest in You And Buy Your Study Books

Showing Off Your Expertise with Unintentional Leadership

Not Inviting the Holy Spirit Into Your Study With Prayer

Being Self Focused Rather Than God-Focused

Spiritual Warfare and CHAOS

Isolating Self From Group Members and Being Disengaged

Not Applying What You Learn, Sharing and Encouraging Others

Having the “Perfect Martha” All or Nothing Approach of Perfectionism

Monopolizing The Bible Study Group Conversation

Losing Your Initial Enthusiasm

Sitting in Legalism About the “Right” Bible Translation Or Study Method

Not Having Conversations About Differences

Exhaustion: Mental and Physical

Thinking We are “Good Girls” Just Because We Are Doing Bible Study

Not Asking For Encouragement And Accountability

Giving Up When We Get Behind


These are very common and my prayer is for you to find perseverance. Don’t allow these 22 things to cause doubt, disappointment, or discouragement. Draw closer to God.