We asked our community “Why did you join online Bible study?’ This is the HEART of who we are as we study, connect, and grow together. We’ve celebrated births and Heaven bound lives. We’ve cried over hardships and rejoiced over blessings. We are the Bible Cafe™ come grab a seat and join us for online virtual Bible study groups.

Here are the reasons why women joined online studies at the Womens Bible Cafe™ and what keeps them coming back for each new study. We’ve been leading online studies for more than 10 years and completed at least 100 online Bible studies together.

“Time commitment works with my crazy work schedule. Good fellowship and encouragement.”

“I joined because I wanted more ways to study the Bible apart from just Sunday mornings. I stayed because of the interaction and friendships with other ladies.”

“Encouragement and a flexible study schedule.”

“To  be  in  community  with  other  believers.  To  learn about  the  Bible and strengthen my  relationship  with Jesus.”

“It’s like another family all over the world . Teaching you and encouraging you. Bible study becomes more then the study.”

“Interaction with like-minded believers and to grow in my relationship with my savior.”

“The truth! Whatever your reasonings are…tell them. Never know, it may encourage your friend to join one.”

“To learn about the Bible and grow and strengthen my relationship with Jesus. To be in community with other believers.”

“Because my church doesn’t have one.”

“Stay connected.”

“To deepen my faith in my Lord. To fellowship with other believers.”

“I joined because the online Bible study fits my schedule and has awesome leaders, fabulous discussions & fantastic new friends. And, it keeps me accountable on a daily study.”

“Because of the time convenience!  It works to have several days and times available to meet!  Additionally, there is still accountability with women from around the world!”

“Health issues were keeping me at home a lot and I wanted to be involved with a group that really wanted to dig deep into the Bible.  This has been an answer to pray and I have meet some really awesome women and leaders.”

“To fellowship with other ladies while I’m unable to get in a crowd because of autoimmune disease. Convenience of going any day of the week, though I did prefer my regular slot.”

“Because at the time I was unable to go to church physically and I was craving Bible Study and fellowship with Godly women.”

“I love digging in the word. I like the schedules and being able to study with other godly women.”

“To study the Bible, make new friends and grow in my relationship with Jesus.”

“Because I travel a lot, because there are so many options and times, because I don’t like leaving the house much for evening meetings because I’m a very early riser, because there seems to be more distribution of who participates, because it’s an hour. With travel most studies for me would be at least 90 min to 2 hours.”

“I wanted to get deeper in the Word. Online Bible studies provide me with focus on topics or specific  books of the Bible. I  also wanted accountability, which it is giving me. Little did I know that I would  also find awesome fellowship.”

“I love the interpretations of scripture by each member of the group.  It broadens my understanding of Gods word by sharing our views.”

“I am an introvert.”

“So I could learn more about the Bible with like minded sisters. In the comfort of my home due to being disabled it’s hard to get out of the house to go to any other type of study. And time values at times I can pick the day and time for my studies.”

“I joined to learn more of the Bible, become closer to my Lord and because in my rural community there are only bible studies while I am at work.”

“I’m  reading, learning, doing something I really enjoy in the Bible and it gives me a chance to do all that with others seeking the same things.”

“Its a great way of learning from the comfort of home and still have some interaction with others in the group.”

“It is not easy for me to go to a ladies Bible study. I have some health issues. Online Bible studies work for me and my situation. Flexibility is key.”

“I have definitely grown spiritually. I have met some wonderful Christian women. They have become my heart sisters! I thank God for this ministry and online Bible studies!”

“A community to study with, pray with, have community with, and you can do it at your leisure, especially when you’re traveling from home, can’t drive in the dark, health problems, it’s a great place to study with others.”

“Great way to  share and pray with others who love Christ. To share learn & reflect in the comfort of my home. It’s a blessing.”

“I want to draw closer to Christ. I want to learn all I can about my Father. The women are not afraid to speak their thoughts because of the distance. Great sisterhood and prayer warriors.”

“To become closer to Christ. And learn to spread the word of His teachings.”

“Because I can go in my pajamas! Seriously, because it meets at convenient times for me, I have grown in the Lord, and meet like minded people who encourage one another.”

“I joined because it was hard to attend to Bible study at church. Working contract jobs with different schedule. Then, often we get off the subject and I forget what was the discussion about and loose focus. I wanted to learn how to talk to God with the good and the bad. Learn how to listen for God’s voice to speak to me. I am here to learn. I have been in church all my life and growing up I missed how to pay attention and staying focused so I can learn in my own timing with the convenience at home. Everyone teaches differently. I had to find how I can understand without using words that I had to lookup in the dictionary because of the pronunciation. I am glad to be a part of this Bible study.”

“Because I was in a rural community and my church did not offer Bible studies. I found the Womens Bible Cafe and have been in continuous bible study for at least 6-7 years.”

“At the time I was very ill with a fibro flare and rarely left the house. I was drawn to a study I could do in my pj’s and stayed for study after study because I found a loving community of women who were committed to learning God’s Word and supporting each other in the journey.”

“I joined to be with a community of women looking and longing to grow with Jesus.  I love the accountability and the views from Scripture.  To support others in prayer brings joy to my heart.  This community is exactly where God wanted me when he wanted me there!”

Being part of an online Bible study has been effective in keeping me in the Word as I make every effort to complete the assignments each week. God has blessed me & taught me on this journey.”

Because there was not one in my church.”

“I need to be in the Word. Also the community of believers is a great support, whether I personally know you or not. Thanks for all you do.”

“For me it was because I didn’t belong to a church at the time but wanted the community and accountability for staying in the Word.  I am saddened that so many say their church does not have Bible studies!  I wonder if God might want those to step up and be willing to lead one?  It takes commitment and time to prepare for each lesson, but it would be worth it I think.”

“Because I love the fellowship and inspiration we get from each other.”

“To grow in faith with other women.”

“It allows me to grow deeper in my faith even though my schedule doesn’t work for an in person bible study.”

“Because of health issues and love to stay in the Word.”

“I needed a group of ladies to engage in the Bible with!  I found acceptance and growth in God!!”

Author Dr Saundra Dalton Smith Joins Womens Bible Cafe Online Community