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Get a book. We use study workbooks from numerous Bible teachers. Most books are available at Amazon, Lifeway and Christian books. Sometimes the book is available in Kindle format.

Select a small group. Our small groups meet seven days a week, morning and evening. Look for a small group that fits your schedule. Attend the same time each week if you want to fellowship and create friendships with Christian women online.

Read daily. We use study workbooks with daily reading assignments. Make God a priority and schedule time to meet with Him each day for study. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you as you read the lessons. Finish your reading assignment before your small group meets, so that you are prepared to answer questions from the book.

Use a Bible. There are more than 150 Bible translations and it can be confusing to decide which one to use for your study. Select the translation you understand best, or use the same translation as your local church. Free sites such as and have excellent resources for study

Pray constantly. Pray for clarity and understanding as you study. Pray for your small group leaders and the women participating in your group each week. Praying keeps you accountable to your community and keeps you from being isolated.

Show up. Be a voice in the discussion groups and allow the Holy Spirit to move through your stories. Everyone adds value- from the new Believer to the longest.