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Encouraging Bible Verses about Christian faith, prayer, suffering, hope and love

19 Bible Promises About Justification

We often use the word justification in our conversations and groups, yet many are confused by the doctrine of justification. What does it mean, exactly? Not all denominations have the same beliefs on justification and it's fascinating to examine the differences. The...

52 Bible Promises About Being Chosen and Loved

When the enemy of God counterfeits he wants us to feel rejected and unloved. As we examine this through the Scriptures we discover TRUTH. These verses remind us the promises of God as His beloved. You are accepted, adopted, and unconditionally loved. “For many are...

40 Titles For Jesus From the Holy Bible

Below are the titles for Christ Jesus from the Scriptures. The Old Testament contains the prophecies about Christ and the New Testament fulfills them. Many of the titles for Jesus are found in the Book of John, First Chapter. Word: In the beginning the Word already...

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