This nonfiction book is packed with wisdom from cover to cover: Free of Me: Why Life Is Better When It’s Not About You by Sharon Hodde Miller. When you read the book you’ll learn how people unintentionally mirror conversations and relationships. Miler teachers her readers how to turnaround this self-focused habit and live more like Jesus.

This is going on my list of 10 Best Books for the year! 

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Free of Me Book Club Discussion Questions

1. What do you think about the title of this book “Free of Me: Why Life Is Better When It’s Not About You?” Is the title a “hook” that draws the reader to look inside the cover?

2. Sharon Hodde Miller begins her book with a lesson about the mirror reflex and how we compare ourselves, constantly. Why do you think she chose this metaphor to organize her chapters around seven mirrors?

3. The seven mirrors we’re tempted to self-focus around include God, Family, Appearance, Possessions, Friendships, Calling and Church. How do these mirrors share us? What is the balance between healthy examination and self-focus?

4. In “Free of Me” we get to know the author’s heart through her personal stories. How do those kinds of stories leave an imprint on us as we mature in faith? What were the friendship stories that you remember from your childhood, and how have they left a mark on you?

5. In discussing her mirror metaphor, Sharon Hodde Miller writes, “When you treat people like mirrors, you create a world that is all about you….” How did this insight shape your experiences? What can we all do—as individuals, parents, and community members—to help break this self-focused cycle?

6. Sharon Hodde Miller writes about the early influences of her family, classmates, and friendships. Where do you see the influences of these people groups in your own life? Looking back on your life, when were you most confident in yourself?

7. The author apologized for her blue dishes when guests came to eat. Have you ever apologized for your appearance of the appearance of your home? What triggers this? How do we stop the behavior?

8. Jesus practices table grace and attends banquets, feasts or weddings. Based on Jesus’ example, what does it mean to be a good friend to someone?

9. What is the “thing” at church that makes you super picky? How have you dealt with this “thing:” poorly or well?

10. What did you like most about this book? Was there anything you disliked?