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Book Club

Welcome to the Womens Bible Cafe™ Book Club- here’s what we are reading EACH MONTH. Our goal is to encourage you to read one or more Christian books each month. To do this you’ll need to spend a little less time online or watching television. Set a goal to read one chapter a night before bed…and in one month you’ll finish a book (or two). In a year, you’ll read 12 books (or more). If this sounds like a healthy habit- come join us!

Start reading your books on the first day of the month and set a goal to finish by the last day.

We have weekly discussion groups where you’ll meet like-minded Book Clubbers for an engaged discussion. Since we’re a diverse group of women from around the world, and in many time zones, we do not meet on a specific time but we invite you to check in on a specific day and tell us about your book.

Most books available at Amazon, Christian Books, Barnes and Noble and other bookstores. Some may be available at your local library

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Monthly Book Club Discussion –December 2017

Monthly Book Club Discussion –January 2018

Book Club Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we need a workbook or study guide for the Book Club? No.  Here at the Womens Bible Cafe™ we have two different things. Our primary ministry is online Bible studies where we use workbooks and meet in live small groups throughout the week to chat about the content. Book Club is less formal and more entertainment focused.
  2. Where do I get the books? Amazon, Kindle, Audible, iTunes,, Barnes and Noble, Christian bookstores, local or church library, or perhaps even find used copies available.
  3. What is the reading schedule? In order to allow for flexibility, we do not maintain a set reading schedule.  Simply begin the books at the start of the month and we’ll close out the book discussions on the last day of the month.
  4. Where are the live chats?  How do I participate in the discussions? Once you have the copy of the book(s), it’s easy to participate!  We start reading at the beginning of the month.  Everyone reads at their own pace.  There is no set reading schedule.  Look for the discussion photo for the book you have selected to read… and share your comments under the photo.
  5. How do you select books? Each book club leader selects her own books. Some are newly released books, or hot topics, or bestsellers..while others are books/authors we find interesting for discussion. We prayerfully consider each book before it is selected.

Book Club 2017 Completed Books

November 2017 Book Selections- Completed

October 2017 Book Selections- Completed

September 2017 Book Selections- Completed


We encourage you to read 20 minutes a day or a chapter at night before bed! Save money when you borrow books from the library (or a friend). Save time when you listen to audiobooks during your morning exercise routine or weekend cleaning.