When Abby Johnson wrote UnPlanned and detailed her experience she opened the eyes to a hidden industry. With almost 800 positive reviews her biography was so captivating it was turned into a widely popular movie! 

UnPlanned is about the daily operations and marketing decisions of a $335 million dollar business (source: charitynavigator). Abbey discovers her deep rooted faith and values are in conflict with her work, and she becomes a whistleblower for this industry. Her story is exceptional and unforgettable. 


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Each month our volunteer leaders select fiction and nonfiction books for discussion. Our books include Christian bestsellers, new releases, hot topics, and more.

Borrow books from your local library, get a copy from a favorite bookstore, or find at Amazon. Read a few chapters a day and finish the book by the last week of the month for a group discussion (details below).

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Unplanned Book Discussion Questions

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Q1: What are some of the ways God appears in this story of transformation?

Q2: What did you learn about the different protest methods on the other side of the fence?

Q3: What happens when we extend love into a hot topic- instead of anger or shame?

Q4: Abby was on different sides of the fence from her husband and mother. How did they resolve their differences?

Q5: What’s something you discovered in the book that you wanted to research and fact-check? 

Q6: What might happen if this book was added to the sexual education standards in middle and high schools? (Planned Parenthood currently leading these courses in California schools).

Q7: Can there be a balanced and informed discussion over this topic?

Q8: We learned in the book that Planned Parenthood uses talking points for their business. What talking points are not in alignment with Scripture? 

Q9: Many pro-life centers do not have the same marketing budgets as Planned Parenthood. How might we balance this for equal representation? 

Q10: If you could ask Abby Johnson any question, what would you want to know?

Q11: Would you recommend this book to a friend?