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Online Bible Study Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current study?

Where do I get a book? 

  • Books are required for spiritual growth and online Bible studies at the Womens Bible Cafe.
  • Most of the books we select are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lifeway Stores, or Christian Books. For international women, books are sometimes available in Kindle format, iTunes or Lifeway eReader

How do I interact and engage in the online Bible study?

  • To participate in the studies, you must join a small group session.
  • All groups are open attendance so you select a group day and time that works best for your schedule.
  • Each week during small group the leader posts a set of questions based on the workbook lessons you completed at home.
  • These questions are posted right under the small group photo, in the “Womens Bible Cafe Small Groups” via Facebook.
  • It is your responsibility to know when your group is meeting, and we suggest you put the time on your calendar and cell phone as a reminder. We do not send personal messages reminding you to attend the group you selected.
  • During small groups, our leaders and students are praying for you. We are members of the family of God and when you invest your time by engaging, posting your answers and replying to the discussion, you’ll connect and grow in wisdom.
  • Invite the Holy Spirit with you as you attend these studies. If you simply observe you are not engaging with your heart. We’re a no-shame community, non-denominational and non-judgmental. Don’t hide yourself….let your own spiritual gifts flow into the conversations.

What day and time do we meet for small groups?

  • We use “closed groups” feature on Facebook. You must join our Facebook group in order to see the comments in the group.
  • You are NOT assigned a small group leader. Once you join the facebook group, look under “pinned posts” at the top of the page and select a day and time that works for your schedule. You are welcome to participate in any of the small groups. If you miss your regular group, attend a different group in the week.
  • Women all over the world are participating in the online study, so we have small groups meeting in various time zones.  We meet on  different days and times…in a private group.
  • To see our current schedule join our private Facebook group and look for pinned post at top of group page –> https://www.facebook.com/groups/WBCSmallGroups/

Where can I find the audio/video segments for the study?

  • Not all authors have audio or video segments for their Bible studies. If they are available, we’ll let you know. Because of copyright laws, and our respect for the authors, we do not provide these at the Womens Bible Cafe.  If you want to include them in your study, you need to purchase them from the publisher or author. These are highly recommended, however due to the cost they are optional for the online study. If you participate in a local church study, they often play the videos at church for women’s Bible study.

How do I know if I’m registered?

  • Please register for EACH WBC study you join. This tells us how many small groups are needed for each study we lead.
  • Once you post a comment on the website registration page, you are registered for that study.
  • Small groups are open attendance and you select your own day and time you wish to attend.
  • Join Bible studies here (login to facebook first): http://www.facebook.com/groups/WBCSmallGroups/
  • Join Book Club here (login to facebook first): https://www.facebook.com/groups/WBCbooks/

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the Bible study?

  • We recommend that you sign up to get the Bible study updates by email –> http://womensbiblecafe.com/newsletter
  • This will lead you to MailChimp, a tool that allows us to send you posts by email. We protect your email address and do not sell or spam with information.
  • If you want to stop receiving email updates, scroll to the bottom of the email you received from Womens Bible Cafe and click “unsubscribe” to be removed from the list.

Why don’t I get the weekly email updates for my bible study?

  • Gmail is sending our updates to your “promotions” folder. Look for us there.
  • You did not subscribe to the website by email (see above) or you did not click the confirmation email from MailChimp to verify your email address.
  • If you’re still not getting updates, check your spam folder. If you are using gmail or yahoo, you need to login to the mail via the web and check your spam folder.

When do I start reading my study book?

  • On the day the study begins, you will start reading day one/week one in the book. We allow time for all the women to receive their workbooks and then we start reading as a group on the day the study begins.
  • If your group meets later in the week, you may decide to read beginning the first day of your meeting.
  • Life is busy and some women like to read on the weekends- two lessons on Saturday, three on Sunday.

I can’t afford the book, do you have scholarships?

  • This not for profit ministry is operated 100% by volunteers.
  • Our leaders buy their own workbooks for their personal study and they cannot afford to buy books for you.
  • Please ask your local friends or church for a donation to cover your book, look for a used book, or see if the book is available at your library.

How do I get a photo or image next to my name when I make a comment?

  • If you’d like your own picture by your comment, go to Gravatar.com. Click the first button “Get your gravatar today ->”, and it will walk you through a simple process to select a picture.

What Bible should I use for online study?

  • Most of the Bible study authors use the older NIV bible or NKJV and many authors use numerous translations such as ESV, NLT, Message, Amplified, HCSB, etc…  Since we are  non-denominational we do not require a specific Bible translation and we do NOT argue over which Bible translation is correct. We recommend using the Bible format your pastor or priest recommends and ask you to respect the Bible translations the other women are using in their denominations. If you want to translate the Bible to complete your workbook study or gain further understanding, we suggest using www.BibleGateway.com or a similar site.

What happens if I start late or take a week vacation and fall behind?

  • No worries. The online bible study format allows you not to miss anything, because the discussions are ongoing and never removed. So you can join anytime and catch up, or fall behind without guilt.

Personal Safety and Spamming

  • For your personal safety, we do not recommend giving out your phone number, home address or any other personal information to the women you meet in online study. We’ve made numerous efforts to keep spammers out of the Bible study small groups, however someone may seek to earn your trust and then sell you a product or service.

Use of Womens Bible Cafe™ Name

  • The Womens Bible Cafe™ name has been in use since 2009 and is associated only with the ministry of WomensBibleCafe.com The use of the name Womens Bible Cafe™ or Bible Cafe for Women™ or a variation of the name with any other Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook group or page is strictly prohibited.  If you are a participating in our online Bible studies and would like to make Facebook pages for your groups, please do not use the name Womens Bible Cafe™ or Bible Cafe for Women™ or Bible Study Cafe or a variation of our name.




  1. Alesia Johnson

    My name is Alesia Johnson. And I am seeking bible study to draw closer to God. I look forward to participating.

  2. Tonya

    I’m Tonya from Missouri I can’t wait to start this Bible study

  3. Amanda

    hi my name is Amanda and I’m from SC…Ive been looking for a bible study for a while, I’m trying to read my bible a lot more b/c i haven’t been that into it lately…Ive just been confused with whats real and whats not if that makes any sense

  4. Lois McCoy

    Hi my name is Lois, I live in Maryland.

  5. Kelly Holman

    Hello, my name is Kelly Holman. I am from Yelm, WA.

  6. Melissa

    My name is Melissa and I live in Mechanicsville VA. 🙂

  7. gail milling

    Hi my name is Gail and I live on the west coast of Canada. Looking to this bible course.

  8. Erica Ledesma

    Hi my name is Erica. I am newly married and working 60+ hours a week and in my spare time I take care of and love my husband. An online bible study is JUST what I need. I can’t wait to start!

  9. Kathy Lucero

    I love this site. I cant wait to try one of the bible studies.

  10. Joyce

    My name is Joyce

  11. meechierosemond

    Are there people my age in these bible studies? I’m 23, and I’d like to identify with people around my age.

    • Christine Abraham

      We don’t divide our groups by age and we have a diverse audience of women. So you will find mixture of women. Some are new Christians, some have been on a longer spiritual journey, some lead local ministries. Come join a group and discover for yourself 🙂

  12. nicole

    New here, Would like to join the conversation peace group. Hope I can figure this out.

  13. Valerie Byrd

    I am looking forward to the study. I am new with. and feel this study will be an asset to myself and ministry.

  14. Stacy

    I’ll be joining the next study…it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

  15. Rachel Walker

    My name is Rachel and I live in Georgia. I’m ready to start the May study!

  16. Bev Golladay

    I am ready. I hope I understand the protocol.

    • Christine Abraham

      If you find yourself confused, ask one of the leaders in our small group and they will help Bev!

  17. Jody Ross

    Please count me in for the next study. Sounds like just what I need!

  18. judy cooke

    This looks like the studies I’ve been looking for

  19. Pastor Patterson

    I’m very proud of your group, seem to be well organized, and a very good format. YOU GUYS ARE IN MY DAILY PRAYERS, GOD bless keep up the good work.


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